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NMR Online Sign-up Sheet

When signing up for NMR time, please limit yourself to no more than two slots in a row to give everyone a chance to access the instrument after hours. Also the overnight time is recommended for students who need to run a multidimensional NMR experiment (HSQC, HMBC, INADEQUATE, COSY, etc.) or a dilute low abundance nucleus sample (under 20 mg of organic samples for 13C, 29Si etc.)
Teaching assistants will be available for the evening NMR sessions (green boxes). Do not sign up for a Wednesday morning session (red boxes) if you have not been approved to work without a TA.

If you wish to reserve a time, check the box for the time you want, fill in your name and B number and hit the "request time" button.
If you wish to remove your name from a slot, check the box next to your name, fill in your B number, and hit the "remove request" button.

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November 29, 2017
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