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Norma and William Horvitz Memorial NMR Facilities

We currently own a 300 MHz JEOL Eclipse+ Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer which is equipped with a z-field gradient amplifier, a gradient probe, multinuclear capability, a 1.0 kW AMT 10-130 MHz power amplifier, a Jakobsen MAS probe supplied through Varian and a variety of other accessories. We use this instrument in research as well as for various laboratory experiments in our undergraduate curriculum.

Link to DELTA data
Delta Users Guide (online pdf format)
Video describing a liquid helium fill (note you may want to save this 65MB file to HD)
Second part of video describing a liquid helium fill (note you may want to save this 79MB file to HD)

The NMR computer (Phosphorus) has been running 20:50:54 up 53 days, 7:12, 0 users, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00 0

The kinds of experiments we have used the instrument for so far include:
  • Internal conformational exchange of N,N-dimethyl amide
  • Chemical ligand exchange of a bis collidine bromine(I) bromide salt
  • Structural studies of steroids using 2D NMR (progesterone, prednisone, cortisone acetate)
  • Chain length characterization of polyphosphate glasses using selective decoupling
  • Reaction substitution characterization of a cyclohexanone/cyclohexanol conversion
  • Measurement of molecular motion parameters using T1 inversion recovery experiments
  • Measurement of dipolar coupling constants and j-constants in acetone dissolved in a liquid crystal (providing a partial alignment of the acetone molecule)
  • Solvent suppression using z-gradients to simplify spectral interpretation in the presence of a large solvent peak (often times water)

One of the chemistry majors graduating in 2000 wrote the following letter to the Horvitz foundation as a thank you note. We think her feelings are indicative of the experiences that many of our undergraduates have had with this new instrument.
September 22, 1999
Dear Mrs. Norma Moretz Horvitz,
My name is ElizaBeth Pearl Smith. I am a senior chemistry major from Somerset, Kentucky, anticipating graduation in May 2000. I am the daughter of two wonderful and loving parents, Don and Anna Smith, and the sister of an older brother, Christopher, and younger sister, Stephanie. Berea College has been a major influence on my family over the years. Not only did my brother graduate in 1995 from Berea, my sister-in-law did as well in 1996 and my younger sister will graduate from Berea in May 2002. I have been very fortunate to have such close relations here at Berea.
I am writing to express my gratitude for your extraordinary gift that allowed us to purchase a 300 MHz NMR for the Chemistry Department. The addition of this instrument has made the Berea College Chemistry department among the top instrumental analysis departments in the state!
My experience with the NMR has been outstanding!! The atmosphere around the department during the arrival of this amazing piece of technology sparked my interest in the operation of this new 'toy'. I used it all summer on a research project and have learned much about its operation.
As Director of Instrumentation, my labor position at Berea, I have the privilege of learning the operation and history of most all instruments that we own. In addition, I am able to share my knowledge with other teaching assistants and students around the chemistry department. I have given numerous one on one training sessions on the operation and interpretation of data produced by the NMR. I feel very lucky to have the position that I have in the department. This opportunity has prepared me for graduate school in addition to my chemistry courses taken here at Berea College.
I am currently in the process of applying to six graduate schools. Among those are Northwestern University, University of Chicago, and the University of Illinois at Chicago. My research and instrumentation experience will greatly contribute to my acceptance at these schools.
Once again, thank you for giving to Berea and thank you for giving me the opportunity to expand my knowledge of chemistry and the world we live in.

ElizaBeth Pearl Smith