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Graduates of the Chemistry Department with Advanced Degrees

Class of 2011 (a total of 1 students)
  • Theint Theint (PhD in 2017) - After finishing PhD in Jaroniec lab at OSU, she is continuing as a Post-doc in the same lab and looking for her next life step. change/add information

Class of 2010 (a total of 3 students)
  • Kabindra Kafle (Chemistry & Biology) (PhD in 2016) - Finished PhD at Pennsylvania State University change/add information
  • Sam Rosolina (PhD in 2016) - Completed PhD at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville in analytical chemistry change/add information
  • Josh Schmeling (MA in 2015) - Completed Masters in education at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and is currently teaching high school chemistry change/add information

Class of 2009 (a total of 1 students)

Class of 2008 (a total of 3 students)
  • Katie Clark (DO in 2012) - Finished her Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine at Lincoln Memorial in Tennessee change/add information
  • Laxman Gurung (PhD in 2015) - Finished a PhD in chemistry at the University of Southern California in the Olah group change/add information
  • Thabiso Musapelo (PhD in 2014) - Completed a PhD at Louisiana State University in chemistry change/add information

Class of 2007 (a total of 1 students)
  • Sarah Kim (MPH in 2015) - Completed a Master of Public Health at the University of Kentucky and now working in Holland, MI change/add information

Class of 2006 (a total of 6 students)
  • Melissa Bradley (PhD in 2013) - Completed PhD at University of Kentucky in Butterfield lab change/add information
  • Wendy Brotherton (PhD in 2011) - Completed PhD at Florida State University and now working at Tennessee Wesleyan University. change/add information
  • Tara Evatt (Pharm in 2010) - Currently in the Pharmacy program at University of Kentucky change/add information
  • Scott Hayes (Pharm in 2010) - Completing final year towards Doctor of Pharmacy degree at the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy change/add information
  • Dr. David J. Link (PhD in 2009) - Graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry. Attained a research and development scientist position at LG&E/KU after a year of developing a repertoire including engineering, electronics, intellectual property and analtyical instrumentation. Currently seeking relationships with colleges and universities working on research topics surrounding the energy and utility industry. Current research emphisis with carbon capture and sequestration, Kentucky renewable feasibility and continious emissions monitoring. change/add information
  • Jessica Price (PhD in 2010) - Finished chemistry PhD at Virginia Tech and now moving to Freeport TX to work for Dow Chemical leading a fluorinated polymer research team. change/add information

Class of 2005 (a total of 2 students)

Class of 2004 (a total of 4 students)
  • Pa Jatta (Pharm in 2009) - Starting the Pharmacy program at the Univeristy of Kentucky this fall 2006 change/add information
  • Josh Owen (PhD in 2010) - Currently in the chemistry graduate program at the University of Kentucky. change/add information
  • Anjan Pandey (PhD in 2008) - Currently at Purdue University in the analytical chemistry program. change/add information
  • Royce Sparks (PhD in 2010) - Currently in the Chemistry PhD program at University of Tennessee change/add information

Class of 2003 (a total of 4 students)
  • Miranda Beam (Gibson) (PhD in 2008) - Finishing PhD at University of Kentucky. change/add information
  • Anne (Hooi Ling) Kee (PhD in 2008) - Recently finished her Chemistry PhD at Washington University in St. Louis under Dr. Dewey Holten, entitled Time Resolved Spectroscopic Studies of Photosynthetic Reaction Centers and Tetrapyrrole Chromophores for Biomedical and Solar-Energy Applications. change/add information
  • Nicholas Noinaj (PhD in 2008) change/add information
  • Ramesh Sharma (PhD in 2009) - Currently pursuing a PhD in chemistry at Arizona State University in Tempe with Jeff Yarger. change/add information

Class of 2002 (a total of 3 students)
  • Tracey Owensby (Neuroscience) (MD in 2006) - Attending University of Virginia School of Medicine change/add information
  • E. Dinesh Pillai (PhD in 2006) - Began graduate studies at the University of Georgia in Athens doing cluster research with Mike Duncan. change/add information
  • Berhane Temelso (Physics) (PhD in 2007) - Ph.D. in computational chemistry finished at the Georgia Institute of Technology change/add information

Class of 2001 (a total of 4 students)
  • Emilia Boiadgieva (PhD in 2007) - Graduate student in molecular biology at Washington University in St. Louis. change/add information
  • Yilkal Enkuhawariat (Pharm in 2008) - Now I am studying Pharm-D in Howard University. /class of 2008/ change/add information
  • Sanjeewa Goonesekera (PhD in 2006) - Currently enrolled in the Doctoral program in Pharmacology at the University of Rochester, Rochester, NY. change/add information
  • Nicholas Ndiege (PhD in 2005) - Finished a PhD. program in materials chemistry at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign change/add information

Class of 2000 (a total of 2 students)
  • Cawas Engineer (Chemistry/biology) (PhD in 2005) - Attending graduate school in molecular biology at Washington University in St. Louis change/add information
  • Elizabeth Pearl Kinney (PhD in 2004) - In October 2004, I accepted a position with Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc. in Greensboro, NC. I defended my thesis in early December and we moved mid-December. Joe also found a job and we are doing very well. All the animals made the trip with us as well. change/add information

Class of 1999 (a total of 2 students)
  • Christina Likirdopulos (MSPH in 2003) - I am still at UNC-CH working in the same environmental microbiology lab that I received my MSPH (in Environmental Sciences and Engineering). On a more personal note, I got married last October 4th. My husband works in the same department for a biogeochemist at UNC. He received his Chemistry degree from Grinnell College in Iowa, his MS from UNC-CH, and is originally from outside Chicago. change/add information
  • Lavanya Wijeratne (Pharm in 2010) - Is in the second year of pharmacy school at University of Kentucky.  change/add information

Class of 1998 (a total of 4 students)
  • Jacob Adams (MD in 2002) - Graduating from University of Washington Psychiatry Residency and taking a position with The Permanente Medical Group in Sacramento, CA. Aslan is 11, Liam is 4, and Celeste is a little over a year. change/add information
  • Addis Alemayehu (Pharm in 2003) - Graduating with Doctor of Pharmacy degree on May 03, 2003 from Mercer University School of Pharmacy in Atlanta, GA change/add information
  • Denis Aliker (MD in 2003) - Attending medical school at University of Kentucky. change/add information
  • Irina Gagua (MD in 2004) - Living in Berea, preparing for MCAT and mother of new daughter in January 1999 change/add information

Class of 1997 (a total of 3 students)
  • Janet Akande (PhD in 2003) - Currently a PhD student in Pharmaceutics at Long Island University, NY. Attained a Master's degree in Industrial Pharmacy from LIU, NY. Working as a Formulation Scientist for a Pharmaceutical company in New Jersey. change/add information
  • Jeff Ellington (Chemistry/Biology) (MD in 2002) - I now have a private practice in Navarre, FL where I am an Internist and Pediatrician. change/add information
  • Mat Simon (PhD in 2001) - Finishing Ph.D. at University of Cincinnati change/add information

Class of 1996 (a total of 5 students)
  • Mike Clark (PhD in 2001) - Finishing Ph.D. at University of Kentucky in Pharmacology change/add information
  • Nelson Elam (MD in 2000) - Finished M.D. at University of Kentucky with a pediatric residency in Georgia change/add information
  • Sisay Gebrekidan (PhD in 2001) - finished Ph.D in Pharmaceutics from the College of Pharmacy at the University of Kentucky and currently working for GlaxoSmithKline. change/add information
  • Liwen Liu (MS in 1999) - Currently working as a computational biologist at National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS). change/add information
  • Tianpei Xin (MS/MB in 2005) - Finished MS in Biomedical Science from Mayo Clinic. Currently working for Schering-Plough Corp and attending New York University Stern School of Business for MBA degree. change/add information

Class of 1995 (a total of 1 students)
  • Li Jing Sun (PhD in 1999) - Finished Ph.D. at Harvard University and working with G. Wagner doing a Post Doc. in biomolecular NMR spectroscopy change/add information

Class of 1994 (a total of 5 students)
  • Ellie Barton Dunbar (Pharm in 1999) - Finished a pharmacy degree at UK and is working with Wal-Mart in London KY. change/add information
  • Etta Boss-Cole (MD in 1999) - Received MD from UK College of Medicine in 1999. Completed a Pediatric Residency Program at Universty of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey (Newark, NJ) in 2003. Currently pursuing a Masters in Public Health & Tropical Medicine at Tulane University change/add information
  • Greg Dye (MD in 1998) - Married to Carla Ward and finished M.D. at University of Kentucky in 1998 as well as a residency in family medicine at East Tennessee State University. Now living and working in Harlan, KY. change/add information
  • Monte Hill (MD in 1999) - Finishing M.D. at University of Louisville change/add information
  • Peter Willis (PhD in 2001) - Post-Doctoral Fellow at National Institute of Health in Baltimore, Maryland. (last updated 06/04) change/add information

Class of 1993 (a total of 1 students)
  • John Struss (PhD in 2002) - Dr. Struss received his PhD from Virginia Tech in December of 2002 and is currently an assistant professor of chemistry at the University of Tampa, Florida. change/add information

Class of 1949 (a total of 1 students)
  • Robert "Bob" E. Robinson (PhD in 1953) - PhD at Purdue in 1953, married to Myrtle from class of 1950 change/add information

Class of 1937 (a total of 1 students)
  • Marvin Omar Shrader (PhD in 1942) - From Bishop, Va. Married Lula Higgins c/o '40. Received M.A. from Syracuse in 1937. Entered doctorate work at N.Y.U. with a scholarship in 1939. Transferred to Yale in 1940. Married Lula in 1940. Received Ph.D from Yale in 1942. Son Donald born in 1946. Employed in research & Development dept. of General aniline Film Corp. Linden, N.J. change/add information

Class of 1936 (a total of 2 students)
  • Ralph M. Cooke (MD in 1940) - From Elkin, N.C. Had two chilfren born in 1941 & 1944. Enrolled in University of Louisville Medical School in 1936. Became assistant house surgeon at st. joseph's infrimary, Louisville. Became assistant surgeon of U.S. Public Health Service, Marine Hospital, Buffalo, N.Y. in 1943. Served in Naval medical corps, sea duty and at a hospital in New Orleans, La. Opened an office in Somerset in 1946. change/add information
  • William Grady Self (MD in 1940) - Married Mary Evelyn Walters, S.N. Medical student at University of Alabama. Transferred to N.Y.U. Received M.D. from N.Y.U. in 1940. Interned at Coney Island Hospital Brooklyn, N.Y. 1st Lt. in air corps, Blytheville, arkansas. transferrd to Randolph Field, Texas in 1942. Promoted to Captain Flight Surgeon. Daughter Marilyn born in 1943. Son William Jr. was born in 1944 change/add information

Class of 1934 (a total of 2 students)
  • James Forrest Allen (PhD in 1947) - Married Amy Lycan (1936). Received MS from University of Kentucky, 1937. Taught at Kansas State College in Manhattan KS (1941). Daughter Elizabeth Ann born 1/21/43. Taught at Denison University 1945. PhD from Ohio State Univeristy in 1947. Research position with Westraco Chlorine Products, South Charleston, WV. change/add information
  • Henry P. Johnston (PhD in 1940) - From Iberia, Mo. Married Ann Arvidson after graduation in 1934. M.A., chem., University of Missouri. Ph.D., chemistry, University of Missouri. Became assistant professor chemistry at the Citadel, Charleston, S.C. change/add information

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