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2019 Berea College Undergraduate Research and Internship Symposium

The 19th annual Berea Undergraduate Research and Internship Symposium (BURIS), held this fall. This has been organized by the science programs in the past but participation is open to all members of the college community. In recent years we have structured the symposium with both talks and poster presentations as well as a plenary session. This year we will introduce a second oral presntation category for internship presentations that might not fit in the standard research presentation model. Posters may be submitted from various fields across campus (previous posters from chemistry, biology, physics, psychology, sociology, education, African American Studies, economics, industrial arts, computer science, physical education & health, and mathematics). All students who pursued substantial research projects over the previous year are encouraged to present their research.
The program for Fall 2019 will take place on Friday, October 18th. Student oral presentations starting at 2:30 PM (MAC 356, 357, 306, and 307) with a concurrent poster session starting at 3:00 PM until 5:00 PM in the MAC atrium (odd-numbered posters from 3-4 and even-numbered posters from 4-5). These sessions will be followed by a 45 minute plenary talk (with 10 minutes for questions after) at 5:10 PM by Dr. Jessie Dotson. Jessie received her BA at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and her Ph.D. at the University of Chicago in astronomy and astrophysics.

NASA's First Exoplanet Finding mission -- Kepler/K2

Abstract - The first planet orbiting a star other than our sun was confirmed in 1989. For the next 20 years, the majority of exoplanets we discovered were large planets orbiting very close to their stars. In 2009, NASA launched the Kepler space telescope for the primary purpose of finding planets around other stars. For 4 years it observed one part of the sky nearly continuously. After the failure of a two reaction wheels, the spacecraft was no longer able to observe the same part of the sky, but spacecraft engineers developed a novel operation mode that allowed the spacecraft to a observe an additional 20 regions along the ecliptic plane for 80 days at a time (aka the K2 mission). During it's 9.5 years of operation, the Kepler spacecraft produced an unprecedented data set of high-precision, uninterrupted brightness measurements of over 500,000 stars. This transformational dataset has established that planets are ubiquitous in our galaxy and revealed the diversity of planetary systems. In addition, Kepler data has illuminated the interior workings of stars and the earliest moments of supernova. I will provide a review of Kepler’s top results, a tour through recent results, and discuss emerging results and future directions.
We have been hosting the BURS since 2001 and have records of participants going back to 2007 online (see links to the left).
Students and faculty interested in attending or participating in the 2019 BURS should either contact Jay Baltisberger or Anes Kovacevic of the chemistry program. Alternatively a student may elect to register online via the link on the Chemistry department web server.

SSDT 2019 Intership

Luis Riera
Mentor: Dr. Scott Heggen, Dr. Jan Pearce
Performed at Berea College
The internship as part of the Student Software Development Team during the summer was an experience of growth and learning. Every day I encountered challenges that put my abilities to the test, sometimes the challenge was too great and required multiple days to complete and others only took a couple hours or just several minutes. From creating a BOX API connection and redesigning an interface from scratch using paper prototyping to debugging and aesthetic changes to interfaces. We used a couple programming languages during the internship: Python, JavaScript, CS, and HTML. Python was used for our controllers and JavaScript, CS, and HTML were used to create our interface and give it the behavior desired.

Registration for the 105th Kentucky Academy of Sciences Meeting should follow this link KAS Registration

The following students have registered to do presentations for 2019

Oral Internship Presentations

# Name Host Title Mentor Major
1 Aliyah Hocker Partners for Youth Partners for Youth Internship Briana Persley African American studies
2 Jennifer Bentz Health Brigade Determinants of Health in Underserved Communities abstract Dr. Wendy Klein biology
3 Morgan Cottrill Butterfly Ridge Conservation Center Basic Butterfly Gardening Dr. G. Neil Douglas biology
4 Caitlyn Rickman PAWS Wildlife Center Wildlife Rehabilitation at PAWS Dr. Ronald Rosen biology
5 Maddy Richmond University of Tennessee Integrated Pest Management and Outreach Activities Dr. Ron Rosen biology
6 Jose Diaz Kanuga Animal Clinic Veterinary Internship Dr. Dawn Anderson biology
7 Luis Salazar Guzman Berea College Climate Change in Alaska Dr. Sarah Hall, Dr. Andrea Woodward chemistry
8 Glendy Pineda PIVOT Physical Therapy Physical Therapy Internship Dr. Louisa Summers child and family studies
9 Tiana J Moorer Tennessee Department of Health Dementia Friendly Communities Sally Pitt and Chelsea Ridley mathematics
10 Hamilton Craig Saratoga Springs History Museum Never to Come Again: Encounters with the Market in the Diary of Mary Brainard abstract Joshua Guthman other
11 Megan Voorhees University of Kentucky's Center on Trauma and Children Center on Trauma and Children Internship abstract Dr.Hoffman other
12 Justin Vankirk Community Lifestyle Support Making Space for Assistive Technology abstract Tracy Hodge physics

Oral Research Presentations

# Name Host Title Mentor Major
1 Aloyce Riziki Vanderbilt University Collagen IV 7s Provides novel insights of LOXL2 Kinetic Parameters. abstract Roberto Vanacore biology
2 Yacine Choutri University of Colorado Anschtuz Medical Campus Targeting endogenous genes in human induced pluripotent stem cells using CRISPR/Cas9 (DNMT3B, KRT5, and KRT18) abstract Dr. Megan Hoffman biology
3 Marranne Conge Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Inclusion of Alkyl-amino Side-chains Improves Potency of Poly(beta-amino ester) Nanoparticle Delivery of Nucleic Acids abstract David R. Wilson, Jordan J. Green biology
4 Jharna Katwal Gates Center for Regenerative Medicine, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus Differentiation of induced pluripotent stem cells into endoderm, mesoderm and ectoderm using a trilineage differentiation kit abstract Dr. Nicole Diette biology
5 Clara Reasoner Vanderbilt University Characterizing preferential RNA-binding targets of ELAVL1 during an immune challenge abstract Dr. Manuel Ascano chemistry
6 Yeongha Oh Vanderbilt University Early Detection of HPV-driven OPC using E6 seromarker abstract Dr. Krystle Kuhs chemistry
7 Amber Earlywine University of Kentucky Investigating HMPV Phosphoprotein Function abstract Dr. Trevor Creamer chemistry
8 Nyasha E. Gombami Vanderbilt University Mechanism of quinolone resistance in type II topoisomerases abstract Dr. Neil Osheroff chemistry
9 Micaela Berry, Evie Eastham Berea College Developing an Animal Affinity or Philozoa Scale abstract Neil Mecham child and family studies
10 Alana Pass , Bethany Bigler Berea College Pine Mountain Settlement Archival Research Project Jason Cohen other
11 Cienna-Paige Alexandria Slattery Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research, Seattle Children's Research Institute Identifying the function of VSIG4 as seen in the tumor microenvironment of glioblastoma abstract Nicole Lieberman, PhD other
12 Eli Prater Oak Ridge National Laboratory Fitting Neural Networks to Thermal Equations of State for use in FLASH models abstract Tracy Hodge physics
13 Valéria Rosa Rocha Berea College Searching for Magnetic High Entropy Alloy Treasure abstract Troy Messina physics
14 Ricardo Santos Oak Ridge National Lab Testing Silicon Photomultipliers for use in the nEDM Experiment abstract Dr. Troy Messina physics
15 Anahi Favela University of Oklahoma Metallicity Gradients of Simulated Dwarf Galaxies abstract Dr. Tracy Hodge physics

Poster Presentations (Research and Internship)

# Name Host Title Mentor Major
1 Allison M Harper Vanderbilt University Examining the Ex Vivo and In Vivo Efficacy of FDA-Approved Drugs Repurposed for Tocolytic Use, 2019 abstract Dr. Jennifer L. Herington biology
2 Sharon Lee Vanderbilt University The cytoplasmic tail of integrin β1 is required for TGFβ-induced cell proliferation in adenocarcinoma abstract Scott M. Haake biology
3 Esther Olabisi-Adeniyi, Celine Skrivanek, Sarah Whitaker Berea College Correlation of Nutritional Management and Fertility of Second Year Cows at the Berea College Farm Quinn Baptiste biology
4 Izabella Walker Kindred Spirit Elephant Sanctuary Foraging Behavior of Indian Elephants Megan Hoffman biology
5 Rodrigo Alcaraz Bogado California Institute of Technology Plasticity of the Mesencephalic Neural Crest to Differentiate into Cardiac Neural Crest abstract Dr. Maxellende Ezin biology
6 Maria Alejandra H. Diaz Vanderbilt University One-Carbon Metabolism Biomarkers and Risk of Barrett’s Esophagus and Esophageal Adenocarcinoma abstract Dr. Martha Shrubsole biology
7 Depika Subedi The Ohio State University Expression of miR-146a downregulated due to its promoter hypermethylation. abstract Dr. Erica Bell biology
8 Austin Harris Applegate University of Kentucky Pathology Immunological research on NK & CD8T cell hypo-responsiveness in lowering glucose and glutamine levels. abstract Dr. Steve Presnell biology
9 Sarah Staat & Melanie Andrews Berea College Survival and Development of the Cercaria of the Digenetic Trematode, Proterometra macrostoma, within its Snail Intermediate Host, Pleurocera semicarinata, Under Winter Temperature Conditions abstract Ron Rosen biology
10 Bernadette Kwisera & Joseph Mecham Berea College Possible Predators (Non–Hosts) of the Digenetic Trematode Cercaria, Proterometra macrostoma, at North Elkhorn Creek, Kentucky abstract Ron Rosen biology
11 Yogesh Budhathoki & Hannah Jackson Berea College A Comparison of Cercarial Swimming Longevity and Distome Emergence from the Cercarial Tail Chamber in the Digenetic Trematodes, Proterometra macrostoma and Leuceruthrus micropteri. abstract Ron Rosen biology
12 Sangyal Dorjee Vanderbilt University Medical Center Disruption of the R789-D708 Salt Bridge in Discoidin Domain Receptor 1 To Test Its Effect on the Kinase Activity of the Full-Length Receptor abstract Dr. Corina Borza biology
13 Pedro Herrera Castro Berea College Naphthalenemonoimide based fluorescent chemosensors for detection of metal ions and anions abstract Erendra Manandhar chemistry
14 Jordan Pollard, Jacob Downs Berea College Synthesis of Thermoelectric Materials abstract Mary Robert Garrett chemistry
15 Weber, Austin Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History Using titanite to determine magmatic thermal histories of granites abstract Dr. Michael R. Ackerson chemistry
16 Sarah Shaikh University of Kentucky Cobalt protoporphyrin stimulation induces heme oxygenase-1 expression in mouse peritoneal macrophages abstract Dr. Lisa Cassis chemistry
17 Edgar Ortiz, Kinyua Adam, Garett Combs Berea College The Synthesis of Peptide aldehyde for the study of Penicillin Binding Protein 2 Matthew Saderholm chemistry
18 Kamila Nurmakova Vanderbilt University Investigation of amyloid precursor protein and small molecules interactions in bicelles abstract Manuel A. Castro chemistry
19 Hayes Clark, Wilkensley Thervil, Jeremiah M. Radosevich Berea College How to Build a Solar Car Hub Dr. Wei Wu chemistry
20 Areli Medina Hernandez Berea College Synthesis of Thermoelectric Materials with an Electron-Donating Group abstract Dr. Mary Robert Garrett chemistry
21 Stephanie Itumba, Chipo Kambarami Berea College extracting and analysis of soil available phosphurus abstract Dr. Paul Smithson chemistry
22 Zackary Boothe & Cletus Mbalida Berea College New Experiments using the JEOL ECZR500 NMR Spectrometer abstract Jay Baltisberger chemistry
23 Imaru Agholor, Megan Grey Berea College Synthesis of Thermoelectric Materials with a Parent Compound abstract Mary Robert Garrett chemistry
24 Emely Alfaro Zavala Kashmir World Foundation The Use of MVC Architecture (Model-View-Controller Pattern) for Android Mobile Applications abstract Aliyah Pandolfi, Dr. Jan Pearce computer science
25 Jamal Aw Yonis Dell Inc. Creating Plugin-Servers that stream telemetry data via GRPC transport protocol in GPB wire format abstract Gavin Cato, Dr. Jan Pearce computer science
26 Hailey Barnett Runestone Interactive, LLC Berea College Software Developers abstract Brad Miller, Dr. Jan Pearce computer science
27 Alex Bryant Berea College COMPARING THE MODEL-VIEW-CONTROLLER ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN PATTERN abstract Dr. Scott Heggen, Dr. Jan Pearce computer science
28 Aaron Christson University of Illinois Predicting Generalization in Neural Networks abstract Sanmi Koyejo, Dr. Jan Pearce computer science
29 Nmasichi Chukwuemeka Suran Systems Web Development Intern abstract Alex Clay, Dr. Jan Pearce computer science
30 Guillermo Cruz Berea College Data Management abstract Dr. Scott Heggen, Dr. Jan Pearce computer science
31 Selemawit Gebremedhin Berea College Elasticsearch abstract Daniel Adams, Dr. Jan Pearce computer science
32 Elaheh Jamali Berea College The Performance Comparison of MySQL and SQLite abstract Dr. Scott Heggen, Dr. Jan Pearce computer science
33 May Jue Berea College Software Development abstract Dr. Scott Heggen, Dr. Jan Pearce computer science
34 Samriddha KC Morgan Stanley Application Design and Development abstract Stephanie Mondo, Dr. Jan Pearce computer science
35 Aleksandr Krasnov Palo Alto Networks DevSecOps: InfoSec + DevOps + SOC abstract Satwant Jakher, Dr. Jan Pearce computer science
36 Giorgi Lomia Kashmir World Foundation Advantages of detection architecture combined with classifiacation in camouflage circumstances abstract Aliyah Pandolfi, Dr. Jan Pearce computer science
37 Hila Manalai Berea College Web Application Design and Software Development abstract Dr. Jan Pearce computer science
38 Gerardo Soto, Jesse Walker, John Martin, Rusty Dotson, Rebekah Whitford Runestone Interactive, LLC Interactive Learning from a Near-Peer Perspective abstract Bradley Miller, Dr. Jan Pearce computer science
39 Raymond Okyere-Forson Morgan Stanley Design and Implementation of a Single-Page Web Application abstract Stephanie Mondo, Dr. Jan Pearce computer science
40 Anne Otieno Google Global Technician Specialist abstract Nuriel Garrett, Dr. Jan Pearce computer science
41 Luis Riera Berea College SSDT 2019 Intership abstract Dr. Scott Heggen, Dr. Jan Pearce computer science
42 Sherzodjon Sanginov Morgan Stanley Software Development Experience abstract Stephanie Mondo, Dr. Jan Pearce computer science
43 Roberto Santos-Hernandez Berea College Software Programming abstract Dr. Scott Heggen, Dr. Jan Pearce computer science
44 Natasha Stallsmith Vanderbilt University Quantifying Visual Complexity in Movie Trailers abstract Dr. Maithilee Kunda, Dr. Jan Pearce computer science
45 Tirtha Subedi UPS Information Technology Network Planning Tools (NPT) abstract Dan Chambers, Dr. Jan Pearce computer science
46 Donstonbek Toirov Red Hat Open Source Software Development in Agile Environment abstract Jennifer Albertson, Dr. Jan Pearce computer science
47 Elyor Tukhtasinov PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory Services LCC Robotic and Intelligent Process Automation abstract Katie Kleiboeker, Dr. Jan Pearce computer science
48 Ahad Zai Indiana University School Of Dentistry Utilizing Electronic Dental Record Data to Automatically Assign Periodontal Diagnosis abstract Dr. Thankam Thyvalikakath, Dr. Jan Pearce computer science
49 Oluwatobi Adejumo Jaylim Studio Wedding photography Internship abstract Jay Lim, Dr. Jan Pearce computer science
50 Rabina Phuyel University of South Carolina Transformation as a Defense to Adversarial Attacks against Deep Neural Network abstract Ying Meng, Dr. Jan Pearce computer science
51 Tradd Schmidt, Bethanie Williams Berea College An Approach to Increase Availability of Cultural Archives: Pine Mountain Settlement School abstract Dr. Mario Nakazawa computer science
52 Juan Chavez Casiano, Austin Glasgow Berea College Child Development Lab Physical activity and the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test on preschool-aged children abstract Michelle Thornton physical education & health
53 Abby M. Nash, John-Paul E. Cesare Berea College Magnetic High Entropy Alloys abstract Troy Messina physics
54 Jose Zapata Meza LDA Engineering Summer Internship With Civil Engineering Firm abstract Dr. Martin Veillette physics
55 Nicholas Straub-Deck Berea College Modeling of H2 Radiation Emissions from Nebula IC133. abstract Dr. Tracy Hodge physics
56 Axel Quintanar Berea College Light pollution and its effects on Berea College abstract Dr. Tracy Hodge physics
57 James Henderson Berea College Berea College's New Telescope abstract Dr. Tracy Hodge physics
58 Jasmine Roman, Alex Wilson Berea College Spontaneous numerical cognition in chickens (Gallus Gallus Domesticus) abstract Dr. Sarah Jones psychology