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2010 Berea College Research Symposium

The Berea Undergraduate Research Symposium (BURS), held each fall the same weekend that the Berea College Trustees visit campus, is an opportunity for the students and faculty to share research work with each other as well as these important campus visitors. This has been organized by the science departments in the past but participation is open to all members of the college community. In recent years we have structured the symposium with both talks and poster presentations as well as a plenary session.
The program for Fall 2010 will be held on Friday, October 22rd starting after lunch and concluding with a plenary talk “Metabolism: Old or Gold?” by Dr. Teresa Whei-Mei Fan who works at the University of Kentucky in the Department of Chemistry. Teresa uses NMR spectroscopy to study biological systems.
We will start at 2:30 PM with a poster session in the lobby of the science building with posters from various fields (in the past this included chemistry, biology, physics, psychology, industrial arts, computer science, physical education & health, and mathematics.) We then move into dual lecture sessions at 4 PM while continuing the posters in the lobby. Generally one seminar section is devoted to biological sciences and the other to physical sciences. Other disciplines are also welcome to give a talk and are placed in one section or the other based on research topic.
Students and faculty interested in attending or participating in the 2018 BURS should either contact Jay Baltisberger or Anes Kovacevic of the chemistry program. Alternatively a student may elect to register online via the link on the Chemistry department web server.
Registration for the 103rd Kentucky Academy of Sciences Meeting should follow this link KAS Registration

The following students have registered to do presentations for 2010

Oral Presentations

# Name Title Major
1 Kayla G. Kinker Immune Response to Vimentin Peptides and the Role of Smoking in an HLA Transgenic Mouse Model of Rheumatoid Arthritis biology
2 Alisha Holmberg The E3 ubiquitin ligase NEDD4L interacts with and polyubiquitinates ∆Np63α following genotoxic stress biology
3 Theint Theint 2H NMR Studies of Dynamics in Protein Sidechains chemistry
4 Ramesh Adhikari Quench Localization in Superconducting Radio-frequency Cavities chemistry
5 Katherine Simonson The Impact of Gardening on College Students' Eating Behaviors child and family studies
6 Tyler Vanover Pulsed Laser Ablation of Solids in Liquid Environment physics
7 Christopher B. Yaluma The Optical Reflectivity of Graphene physics
8 Tommy Boykin Copper-Based Superconductors physics
9 Rohan Isaac Synthesis of FeGe physics

Poster Presentations

# Name Title Major
1 Jane Tonello Glucose Clamping in the Conscious Mouse biology
2 Jalicia Sturdivant & Charli Bobit Nitric Oxide Synthase Isoform Expression in Regenerating Axolotl Salamander Retina biology
3 Kathryn Massana & Abigail Wier Localization and characterization of photoreceptors in the cercariae of the trematode, Proterometra macrostoma biology
4 Premila Samuel Constructing an Inducible System for the Study of Rod Cell Degeneration and Regeneration chemistry
5 Jose Victoria & Dhadon Dhadon Reactions of imidazolium and triazolium salts with [Ir(H)2(PPh3)2(OCMe2)2]BF4 chemistry
6 Kelly Njine Mouapi Monoclonal antibody 1A5 abrogates TGF-beta induced tumor cell migration chemistry
7 Dominic Suma & Parker Shuler Synthesis of Enantioenriched β-Ketoesters via a Ketene-Claisen Condensation chemistry
8 Horton Li, James McCarty, & Ivan Titaley Struvite precipitation in anaerobic swine lagoon liquid at Berea College Farm: effect of pH and Mg:P ratio chemistry
9 Violet R.Katiyo, Casey Gray, Alexcia Moore, & Grace Par Nutrient and waste management at Berea College Farm: Analysis of soil samples for the availability of phosphorus chemistry
10 Imelda Hot Histidine-Functionalized Water-Soluble Nanoparticle as Mimics of Hydrolytic Enzymes chemistry
11 James Brian Hamblin & Zelalem Demissie Mekonnen Chemical and phosphorus-31 NMR characterization of phosphorus in a swine facility waste stream chemistry
12 Chido Hambira Development of an HPLC assay for the analysis of adducted DNA-protein cross-links chemistry
13 Justin McGlothlin Establishing Density Profile of Ultra-Cooled Gas in a Harmonic Potential physics
14 William Norris BEC to BCS crossover in a rotating Fermionic Gas physics
15 Hodari-Sadiki James The Importance of Glia in Chemosensory Modulation of Respiration physics
16 Zachary Danneman & Tara Shumate Pedagogy of Place: The Development of an Invisible Curriculum psychology
17 Yuta Katsumi, Victoria Fulton, Jordan Harrison, & Ali Hassan EEG Spectral Analysis of Neurocognitive Style in Relation to a Remote Associations Task psychology
18 Jessica Barnes, Jenipher Dennis, & Rachel Krebs The Effects of Scenes Presented on Cognitive Tasks psychology
19 Rita Yalda & Damika Jones Infrared Reduction Analysis and Photometry technology & industrial arts