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2009 plenary speaker, Dr. Kimberly Nixon

2009 Berea College Research Symposium

The research symposium held each fall the same weekend that the Berea College Trustees visit campus is an opportunity for the students and faculty to share research work with each other as well as these important campus visitors. This has been organized by the science departments in the past but participation is open to all members of the college community. In recent years we have structured the symposium with both talks and poster presentations as well as a plenary session.
The program for Fall 2009 has not yet been set, but the event will be held on Friday, October 23rd starting after lunch and concluding with a plenary talk titled “Alcohol and Neural Stem Cells: Roles in Neurodegeneration and Recovery from Alcoholism” by Dr. Kimbery Nixon who works at the University of Kentucky in the college of pharmacy. Kim studies how alcohol interacts with neural stem cells.
We will start at 2:30 PM with a poster session in the lobby of the science building with posters from various fields (in the past this included chemistry, biology, physics, psychology, industrial arts, computer science, physical education & health, and mathematics.) We then move into dual lecture sesssions at 4 PM while continuing the posters in the lobby. Generally one seminar section is devoted to biological sciences and the other to physical sciences. Other disciplines are also welcome to give a talk and are placed in one section or the other based on research topic.
Students and faculty interested in attending or participating in the 2019 BURS should either contact Jay Baltisberger or Anes Kovacevic of the chemistry program. Alternatively a student may elect to register online via the link on the Chemistry department web server.
Registration for the 105th Kentucky Academy of Sciences Meeting should follow this link KAS Registration

The following students have registered to do presentations for 2009

Oral Internship Presentations

# Name Host Title Mentor Major
1 Kayla Kinker Vanderbilt University Characterizing the Anti-tumorigenic Properties of Novel KRAS Peptide Based Inhibitors abstract Dr. Alla Ivanova biology

Oral Research Presentations

# Name Host Title Mentor Major
1 Dikshya Bastakoty Mayo Clinic, Rochester Role of myelin-specific antibodies in PLP 91-110 induced EAE in HLA transgenic mice Dr. Ashutosh Mangalam, Dr. Chella David biology
2 Miluka Gunaratna Mayo Clinic, Rochester Differential responses of CD4+ and CD8+ T cells to superantigen stimulation Dr. Govind Rajagopalan biology
3 Crystal Thomas Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University The Role of YlaJ on the Function and Localization of SleB in Bacillus anthracis abstract Dr. David L. Popham biology
4 Theint Theint Iowa State University Study of the Influenza A M2 Transmembrane Peptide and C-terminal Chain by Solid-State NMR Mei Hong (Iowa State University) chemistry
5 Kabindra Kafle Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN Identification of Breast Tumorigenic Cells in a Three Dimensional Bone Colonization Assay In Vitro abstract Dr. Julia Kirshner chemistry
6 Tichaona Chiwandamira, Sara Evans Berea College Mathematical problems in super-resolution image reconstruction abstract Dr. Larry Gratton mathematics
7 Jeta Rudi Berea College Appalachia has got talent, but why does it flow away? A study on the determinants of brain drain among Appalachian students abstract Dr. Caryn Vazzana other
8 Oliver Munyaradzi University of California, Davis A system for quantifying MutYh-mediated repair activity in mammalian cells using luminescence assays abstract Sheila S. David other
9 Ramesh Adhikari University of Kentucky Magnetic Shielding for Neutron EDM Experiments Dr. Brad Plaster physics
10 Mohammed Yusuf Montana State University Measuring Coronal Magnetic Twist Injected by Photospheric Rotation abstract Anna Malanushenko, Dana Longcope physics
11 William Norris Berea The Transitions between the Normal, Superfluid, and FFLO states in a Fermi gas. abstract Dr. Veillette physics
12 Emily Worinkeng Berea College A re-examination of mid-infrared ISOCAM images of HII regions in M33 Dr. Tracey Hodge physics
13 Jimmy Rop University of Kentucky Etching of single Layer Graphene Dr. Douglas Strachan physics
14 Christine Morris Berea College The Effects of Personality and Preparedness on Group Work abstract Dave Porter psychology

Poster Presentations (Research and Internship)

# Name Host Title Mentor Major
1 Adam Meador, Kelly Mouapi, Krystina Sandefur, Lee Ware, Cecilia Albers, and Adam Chambers Berea College In-Vitro Retraction Of The Distome Body Of Proterometra macrostoma Into Its Cercarial Tail: Effect Of Selected Ions, Light, And Subsequent Cercarial Swimming abstract Ronald B. Rosen biology
2 Cecilia Albers, Adam Chambers, Adam Meador, Kelly Mouapi, Krystina Sandefur, and Lee Ware Berea College Effect Of Praziquantel On Natural Infections Of The Snail, Elimia semicarinata (Gastropoda: Pleurocerida) With The Trematode Proterometra macrostoma (Digenea: Azygiidae) abstract Ronald B. Rosen biology
3 Alisha Holmberg University of Louisville Analysis of the Defect in B-catenin in Dendritic Cells from NOD Mice Dr. Pascale Alard biology
4 James Brian Hamblin Vanderbilt University Analysis of TGF-β mediated expression of ALCAM in human prostate cancer cell lines Dr. Andries Zijlstra biology
5 Matthew Meter Berea College Synthesis of Proline-containing Peptides Matthew Saderholm chemistry
6 Justin Baldwin, Clarin Ellard, Samuel Rosolina Berea College Normal and Abnormal Binding in Carbene Complexes in Reactions of Imidazolium Salts With [Ir(H)2(PPh3)2(acetone)2]BF4 Anes Kovacevic chemistry
7 Lauren Lane Berea College Analysis of Alpha Galactosidase, the Active Ingredient in Beano Matthew Saderholm chemistry
8 Amanda Rood Wake Forest University School of Medicine Steroid-induced Fetal Programming Increases Reactive Oxygen Species to Angiotensin II within the Cell Nucleus Mark Chappell and TanYa Gwathmey-Williams chemistry
9 Jessica Carnes, Amy Jones, Chris Yaluma Berea College The Development of a Nature of Science Curriculum for Teachers Dr. Jon Saderholm other
10 Brandon Brown Berea College A Study of Ultra-Cold Atoms in the Strongly Interacting Regime abstract Martin Veillette physics
11 Hodari-Sadiki James Berea College Mid-infrared observations of IC133 abstract Dr. Tracey Hodge physics
12 Bozhidar Bashkov Berea College The Effects of Physical Attractiveness, Gender, and Job-type on Personnel Selection abstract Dave Porter psychology
13 Megan Rodgers Berea College Read'n, 'Rite'n, and Residue: Using the Cloze Procedure to Explore the Persistence of Memory abstract Dave Porter psychology
14 Alyssa Seibers, Rob Smith, Debra Blaacker, Hope Reuschel Berea College/TRIO Programs Thinking Creatively in Education: The Role of Thinking Styles and Creative Self-Efficacy abstract Rob Smith psychology
15 Caleb Wetmore Berea College Exploration of Digital Infrared and Black & White Photography Alan Mills technology & industrial arts