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2007 plenary speaker, Dr. Sheila David research group

2007 Berea College Research Symposium

The research symposium held each fall the same weekend that the Berea College Trustees visit campus is an opportunity for the students and faculty to share research work with each other as well as these important campus visitors. This has been organized by the science departments in the past but participation is open to all members of the college community. In recent years we have structured the symposium with both talks and poster presentations as well as a plenary session.
The symposium for Fall 2007 was held on Friday, October 19th starting after lunch and concluding with a plenary talk titled "Dare to Repair: from Cancer to Chemistry," by Shiela David who is a biochemist doing DNA repair work at the University of California, Davis. It is a pleasure to have Shiela here for the plenary talk because she and her father (who is a Berea College trustee) have been so generous to Berea over the years with support. The complete listing of seminars and posters is given below.
Students and faculty interested in attending or participating in the 2018 BURS should either contact Jay Baltisberger or Anes Kovacevic of the chemistry program. Alternatively a student may elect to register online via the link on the Chemistry department web server.

Prospects for LISA to detect the Christodoulou memory of gravitational waves

Shiblee Ratan Barua
Mentor: Daniel Kennefick
Performed at University of Arkansas
Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity predicts that masses in motion generate waves that travel through space-time at the speed of light. The flux of such waves from a system itself generates a change in the gravitational field which propagates like a wave. This “wave of a gravitational wave” is referred to as the Christodoulou Memory. The purpose of our research work was to predict whether LISA (Light Interferometer Space Antenna) would be able to detect this interesting second-order wave. LISA will be the first dedicated space-based gravitational wave observatory which will use advanced laser interferometry to measure gravitational waves. LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) has been unable to detect the Christodoulou Memory since the frequency range of the possible incoming signal is too low for it to detect. Moreover, the ground-based LIGO is subject to a huge amount of noise disturbances from its surroundings. Our subject of interest for LISA was any binary system 200 Mpc from the Earth which consists of a solar-mass sized stellar body spiralling into a super-massive black hole (SMBH) of 106 solar mass. Using FORTRAN 77, we improved the old LIGO-oriented code developed by Dr. Daniel Kennefick to make it suitable for LISA. The result showed that as the stellar object gradually draws near to the SMBH, more and more energy is released resulting in the gradual increase in the memory function. The effect is dramatic near the final coalescence of the two bodies during which there is a significant rise in the value of memory. To justify our result, we included a filter function that would filter out any possible sources of noise disturbances. Even after making all the necessary adjustments to the code, we noticed that there was some form of discontinuity in the graph for the filter function at around the coalescence time. A new formula for the inspiral time temporarily solved the problem, and it assumes the gravitational wave signal will cease when there is one orbit left to make before the two bodies merge. Future work includes overcoming problems associated with the inspiral time by simultaneously optimizing time step-size, total time, and, in turn, frequency range to be detected.

Registration for the 103rd Kentucky Academy of Sciences Meeting should follow this link KAS Registration

The following students have registered to do presentations for 2007

Oral Presentations

# Name Host Title Mentor Major
1 Richard Cooks, Jessica Price Argonne National Laboratory Design and Development of Palladium-Iron Bimetallic Electrocatalysts for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells abstract Mark Cunningham biology
2 Enrique Garcia Vanderbilt University Defining the mechanism of EP4-mediated metastasis abstract David Carbone biology
3 Elizabeth Fleming Miami University Source and Photodegredation of Dissolved Organic Matter as Factors of Fluoranthene Phototoxicity to Daphina magna abstract Jim Oris & Craig Williamson biology
4 Amanda Hensley Berea College Inositol Increases Feeding on Deterrent Mixtures in Larval Manduca sexta abstract Marc Rowley biology
5 Rebecca Linville Berea College Identifying Genes that Interact with CRMP During Neurogenesis in Drosophila melanogaster abstract John Rawls biology
6 Joshua Sparks Mayo Clinic Of Mice and Men - Do Arthritis Resistant Mice Provide Clues to Protection from Rheumatoid Arthritis? abstract Veena Taneja biology
7 Rachel Saunders Mayo Clinic Role of MHC Class II on Mouse Regulatory T Cells abstract Chella David biology
8 Megan Jackson Vanderbilt University Abrogation of TGF-B signaling in mammary carcinomas recruits myeloid immune suppressor cells through CXCL5/CXCR2 chemokine axis abstract Hal Moses biology
9 Gloria Fritz University of Louisville Psychophysiological Study of Response Conflict and Error Processing Deficits in Patients with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder abstract Tato Sokhadze biology
10 Din Obadele Mandley Berea College Chemical and NMR Analysis of Soil Phosphorus Affected by Waste Overflow abstract Paul Smithson chemistry
11 Anthony Reynolds SUNY Stony Brook The Synthesis of Aluminum Magnesium Layered Double Hydroxides (LDH) and Characterization of Phosphate Ion Exchange Experiments abstract Clare Grey, Center for Environmental Molecular Science chemistry
12 Diana Gudkova Georgia State University CLASSICAL Be STARS Center for High Resolution Astronomy (CHARA) mathematics

Poster Presentations

# Name Host Title Mentor Major
1 Clarissa Harris University of Kentucky Dopamine Transporter Expression in a "Two Hit" Rat Model of Parkinsonian Syndrome abstract Jim Pauly biology
2 Kate Johnson Berea College Inositol Increases Feeding on Deterrent Mixtures in Larval Manduca sexta abstract Marc Rowley biology
3 Jacob Gunnell, Jessica Lanfair, Jenna Ott Berea College Metagenomic Characterization of Mirobial Communities of the Berea College Living Machine abstract Dawn Anderson biology
4 Brittni Ross, Christopher Barton, Kimberly Johnson, & Deborah Mays Vanderbilt University Identification of Genes Regulated by p63 in Human Epithelia abstract Jennifer Pietenpol biology
5 Meiping Sun University of Kentucky Nick-directed Loop Mismatch DNA Excision in Human Cells abstract Guo-Min Li biology
6 Dikshya Bastakoty, Aaron Fidler, Miluka Gunaratna Berea College Proterometra macrostoma (Trematoda: Azygiidae): Further Studies on the Strain Question at North Elkhorn Creek, Scott County, KY abstract Ron Rosen biology
7 Tsering Dolma, Robert Twiggs, Brea Viragh Berea College Factors Affecting the Emergence, Infectivity and Subsequent Development of the Proterometra macrostoma (Trematoda: Azygiidae) Cercaria abstract Ron Rosen biology
8 Spencer Gravitt, Oliver Pogue Berea College Population Dynamics of Varroa Mite (Acari: Varroidae) on Different Honey Bee (Hymenoptera: Apidae) Stocks abstract Sean Clark biology
9 Laxman Gurung University of Southern California Synthesis of Vinyl Fluorides from Alkyl Halides and Alcohols abstract G.K. Surya Prakash chemistry
10 Thabiso Musapelo Berea College Homonuclear Decoupling and INADEQUATE NMR abstract Jay Baltisberger chemistry
11 Marek Counts, Kayla Meadows Berea College Normal and Abnormal N-Heterocyclic Carbene Complexes abstract Anes Kovacevic chemistry
12 Kaleigh McCoy Berea College Where Have All the Students Gone? Factors Influencing the Retention and Academic Success of Students Who Entered Berea College in the Fall of 2006 abstract Dave Porter other
13 Genesis Song University of Kentucky Kinetics of the Degradation of Aspirin Tonglei Li other
14 Kannatassen Appavoo, Robert Shelby, Simone Raoux, & Delia Milliron Berea College & IBM Almaden Research Center Effect of doping novel thin film Sb2Te phase-change material on its optical and switching time property abstract Amer Lahamer physics
15 David Gilmour, Brad Steele Berea College Producing Fullerenes Using Laser Ablation abstract Amer Lahamer physics
16 Shiblee Ratan Barua University of Arkansas Prospects for LISA to detect the Christodoulou memory of gravitational waves abstract Daniel Kennefick physics
17 Mohammed Humed Yusuf & Bryan Gover Berea College Photometry of Summer Variable Stars abstract Tracy Hodge physics
18 James Rittmann Berea College Exercise and Memory: the Immediate Effects of Exercise on Memory Dave Porter psychology
19 Charla Ruble Berea College The Effects of Student's Alcohol Use and Death Self-Reflection on their Perception of Risk Taking Behavior Dave Porter psychology
20 Tian Wei Berea College The effect of gender, condition and comparative ignorance on investment and confidence Dave Porter psychology