Biochemistry Projects
This Year: is the second year of the project. It is still much in its nascent stage of development although the developers are hard at work and are clever individuals. As you can see by the names below there are both groups and individuals conglomerating a project amongst themselves. As you may guess, more is expected from the groups than the individuals.

The success of last years giant steps helps to make the outlook very exciting for what may come of the projects this fall.

Projects by Group/Individual

                            Adam                        Alexcia                       Alisha & Kayla

Brian                        Chido                         Dominic

                                   Nana                        Jacob                       James

                    John                        Jose                         Khaled

            Lauren                         Marlen                         Miluka & Theint

                                    Parker                         Sabrine                         Violet                         Zelalem