Biochemistry Projects
This project began as an Advanced Biochemistry student's project in the Spring of 2008. The early version can be seen here. It was such a successful experience that Dr. Saderholm decided to implement it for all students in Berea's Biochemistry class. After three years of implementation, the project was published in the Journal of Chemical Education in August 2011. Before the spring of 2016, Berea College had just a single semester of Biochemistry (CHM 345). Beginning in the spring of 2016, we began teaching biochemistry as a two-semester series (CHM 340/440).

Many similar applications of various modeling programs are used for introductory courses of biochemistry. Here is a page of links you can check out for comparison and ideas.

Projects by Year

Programs and Links that you may find helpful

WinSCP SFTP & FTP for Windows OS                                                             St Olaf Jmol scripts                                                             Fetch SFTP & FTP for Mac OS