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Current Faculty and Staff

Previous Permanent Faculty and Staff
  • Dr. Kathleen Kuhler Visiting Assistant Professor of Physical Chemistry 2011-2012

  • Dr. Frank Yepez Teaching Post-Doctoral Fellow in Organic Chemistry 2011-2012

  • Dr. Mark Cunningham Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry 2005-2007

  • Dr. Larry Blair Professor of Organic Chemistry 1971-2006, Dean of the Faculty 1996-1998, Seabury Award for Excellence in Teaching, 1983

  • Dr. Lee Roecker, Professor of Inorganic Chemistry 1989-2005, Chairman 1998-2005, currently teaching at Bates College

  • Dr. Thomas Beebe, Professor of Organic Chemistry 1961-1998, Chairman 1987-1998

  • Dr. Elizabeth Kleppinger, Assistant Professor of Physical Chemistry 1987-1993

  • Dr. Gerrit Levey, 1949-1987, Chairman and Professor of Physical Chemistry 1958-1987

  • Dr. Julian Capps, Professor of Organic Chemistry

Previous Visiting Faculty and Staff
  • Dr. Miranda Beam Visiting Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry Fall 2008 - Fall 2009, currently teaching at Tennesse Tech University in Cookeville, TN

  • Dr. Samuel Li Visiting Professor of Analytical Chemistry Spring 2009, on sabbatical from the National University of Singapore

  • Dr. Tanea Reed Adjunct Assistant Professor of Chemistry Spring 2008, currently teaching at Eastern Kentucky University

  • Dr. Samuel David, Visiting Assistant Professor of Biochemistry 2006-2007, currently teaching at the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh

  • Dr. Jamie Horn, leave replacement 2002-2003

  • Dr. Matthew Marmorino, leave replacement 2001-2002

  • Ashley Elizabeth Bray, adjunct professor 1998

  • Dr. Michael Wempe, leave replacement 1996-1998

  • Dr. Celestia Pryor, leave replacement 1994-1995

  • Ms. Debbie Kersman, leave replacement 1988-1989