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2014 plenary speaker, Professor Kathryn Uhrich
2014 Berea College Research Symposium
The Berea Undergraduate Research Symposium (BURS), held each fall the same weekend that the Berea College Trustees visit campus, is an opportunity for the students and faculty to share research work with each other as well as these important campus visitors. This has been organized by the science programs in the past but participation is open to all members of the college community. In recent years we have structured the symposium with both talks and poster presentations as well as a plenary session.
The program for Fall 2014 will be held on Friday, October 17th. The 2014 BURS will start in the afternoon with student oral presentations, continue with student poster presentations, and end with a plenary talk by Kathryn Uhrich, Professor of Chemistry at Rutgers University where she has served as Associate Chair as well as Dean of Mathematical and Physical Sciences. She will be speaking about her research on biologically active polymer drugs and related topics. She will be arriving in Berea before the symposium and anyone interested in talking to her about graduate school or her research in general should contact Jay Baltisberger. Students and faculty interested in attending or participating in the 2013 BURS should either contact Jay Baltisberger or Mary Robert Garrett of the chemistry program. Alternatively a student may elect to register online via the link on the Chemistry department web server.
We generally start at 2:30 PM with two simultaneous oral presentation sessions (15 minutes each) in rooms 101 and 106 of the Science Building. The sessions are grouped by theme as much as possible. The poster session starts at 3:30 and is held in the lobby of the science building with posters from various fields (previous posters from chemistry, biology, physics, psychology, sociology, education, African American Studies, economics, industrial arts, computer science, physical education & health, and mathematics). All students who pursued substantial research projects over the previous year are encouraged to present their research.
We have been hosting the BURS since 2001 and have records of participants going back to 2007 online (see links to the left).
On-line registration link for BURS
Regstration for the 100th Kentucky Academy of Sciences Meeting should follow this link KAS Registration
The following students have registered to do presentations for 2014

Oral Presentations

# Name Title Major
1 Mikiyas Kurabachew Assefa Infrared Photodissociation Spectroscopy of Metal Carbonyls abstract chemistry